10 Bad Habits That You Need To Abandon Immediately

The only way to break bad habits isbeing accountable for your actions. Go out and mingle with real people. If you are an introvert you can start with volunteering, join support groups, attend speed dating Houston events, or hang out with family and friends.

Bad habits are hard to stop. Weirdly, it’s until too late that people realize they need help. Before getting to this state, it starts with denial and ignorance. A while back, a friend of mine lost everything to gambling. Initially, it started as a hoband grew into an addiction.

There are other numerous nasty habits that you need to stop immediately to lead a healthier and happier life.

  1. Stop spending too much on watching television. Limit your screen time to at most two hours and use the extra time doing something productive.
  2. Avoid wasting too much time on social media. It disconnects you from the real world.
  3. Reduce your alcohol intake. Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health, like its stated clearly on the bottles. Plus being an alcoholic will also destroy your relationships and social status.
  4. Drink enough water period! Staying hydrated is beneficial to you and your body needs it to function properly
  5. Quit smoking. Research states that even occasional smoking is harmful to your health. Health hazards associated with smoking are lung cancer, throat cancer, breathing difficulty, cancers of the mouth, stomach, bladder, kidney and cervix.
  6. Avoid eating junk. These foods are not healthy and are the number one reason for obesity and diabetes. You need to take care of your health more. Eat a salad or a balanced diet. Your body will appreciate you for it.
  7. Reduce your stress levels. Sometimes you can’t avoid it but you need to stop obsessing on things that you can’t change. Give yourself a break and concentrate on stress relieving activities like running, yoga, meditation and deep breathing.
  8. Gambling. As discussed earlier, gambling is a potential danger to your finances. It is the easiest way to condemn yourself to poverty and debts. According to The FOOL, people lost over $142 Billion dollars in 2014 alone. Don’t be a statistic. If you want to gamble, play with money you can afford to lose, nothing more.
  9. Not exercising. It takes dedication, will and discipline to have a healthy workout routine. Sacrifice now to achieve the body you desire. In the long run, you’ll be proud you started the working out. Start small and work your way to intensive routines, though the latter is a choice. 
  10. Going to bed late. Sleeping time is essential for your body. When fatigue you cannot function properly. Avoid having unhealthy sleeping patterns and you will be surprised how fresh you’ll be feeling the next morning.

In general, habits turn into a lifestyle and it would be harder to stop. Ifany chance you have any of the above bad habits, it’s time for you to change. If you find it difficult to stopyourself, look for help and work towards a healthy lifestyle.

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